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Illflower [userpic]

Making mushroom soup at midnight.

May 29th, 2008 (01:16 am)

current location: In front of the computer, writing this blasted essay thing.
current mood: pleased

I just made what was, quite possibly, the best mushroom soup I've ever had! (...and it was all from leftover scraps since I've been too busy to do much shopping.)
It had finely chopped mushrooms, onion, red onion, a clove of garlic. All of it softened up in some butter. Then some leftover white wine, some spiced chicken stock (which I made last time I cooked chicken), salt and pepper, a bit of milk (borderline expired but still ok)... and then I cooked it all for a fair bit of time whilst whipping it.
When I tast-tested the soup it was good... not great, but good. That's when I happened on the idea to toss in a little red wine as well. (Really cheap, Romanian Merlot...) That was the final touch it needed.
Gorgeous! Absolutely wonderfully lovely.