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Of butterflies and illflowers.

15 January 1983
and is it true, that devils end up like you
something safe for the picture frame?

(Tori Amos, She's your Cocaine)

A few short, and rather random, things about me:
I paint, sketch and draw... and every so often people give me money for it. I'm not pretty but not completely repulsive either. I drink too much wine and whisky and I have recently discovered coffee. I rather like cooking and I think I'm pretty good at it. I'm far fonder of the little pleasures in life than I should be. I adore buying and reading books. I used to be fairly good at archery.
Oh, and I'm a mad person.

andrea del sarto, androgyny, anime, archery, art, art history, art nouveau, artemisia gentileschi, autumn, barbey d'aurevilly, baudelaire, beardsley, beauty, beethoven, being bad at photography, bernini, bipolar disorder, blackadder, blake, books, botticelli, byron, cambridge, caravaggio, carlo crivelli, carmina burana, chopin, clamp, cooking, dante, decadence, drama, drawing, dreams, emilie autumn, ernst josephson, evelyn waugh, fairy tales, films, fin-de-siecle, fra filippo lippi, franz von bayros, franz von stuck, genet, gesualdo, greta garbo, gustave moreau, ideas, ikeda riyoko, illustration, jacques louis david, jean delville, jeeves & wooster, jmw turner, john bauer, kaori yuki, karin boye, kay nielsen, klimt, la-bas, lareine, legends, leonardo da vinci, lilies, literature, long hair, loreena mckennitt, lucifer luscious violenoue, malice mizer, manga, marlene dietrich, marquis de sade, max ernst, medieval illuminated manuscripts, melchior broederlam, milton, momoyama screens, monsieur venus, music, mylene farmer, mysticism, mythology, neil gaiman, neo-classicism, nerval, october project, opera, oscar wilde, painting, pansexuality, paris, permigiano, piano music, poetry, pretty people, pretty things, reading, refinement, rimbaud, romaine brooks, satie, sexuality, shoujo kakumei utena, simone martini, sisters of mercy, snow, stephen fry, stories, swinburne, symbolism, tea, the colour of absinthe, the cranes, the dresden dolls, the pre raphaelites, theatre, toorop, tori amos, vanity, velvet goldmine, venice, verdi, verlaine, vienna secession, visual kei, whisky, whistler, wine, wit, words, yoshitaka amano