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June 22nd, 2008 (10:33 pm)

current mood: chipper

A few hours ago, I got back from a little trip.
I'm still trying to unpack/sort out all the things from the move but *ahem* I'm really far too lazy to be very efficient at the moment. It's so much nicer to lie in my comfy new sofa, casually sift through random stuff and drink a fairly pleasant (free) wine.
I've been rather unproductive recently. I've done a handful of half-decent sketches, written a bit of nonsense and painted the walls of my bedroom (from sickly purple to a crisp white on which I'm planning to add a border of black fleur-du-lys, I think it'll end up looking quite nice) but that's pretty much all. Oh, and I made a new userpic, which I quite like as I look sort of cute in it. ^_^
What else is new? I've more or less promised to look after my cousins cat for a few weeks in July, I think it might be rather fun. I am more of a dog-person than a cat-person but I really like cats as well.
Oh my! There's a rather impressive thunder and lightning storm outside... I'll go pour myself some more wine and go watch it from the balcony. Hey-hop. ^_^


Posted by: princess mark (fluffymark)
Posted at: June 22nd, 2008 10:11 pm (UTC)

It's a very cute picture of you! mmmmmmmmmmmmm cute nini! :) :) :)

Glad everything seems happy with you at the moment! :)

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