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This week... (Quite cheerful at the moment.)

May 24th, 2008 (12:56 am)

current mood: cheerful
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A very interesting week.
Firstly, I got the picture which I have to analyse for my final essay... it's... umm... not very inspiring. -_- I've been trying to figure out where to start and not done a great job of it. Though I've finally managed to get started *sigh* Now I just need to make sure I meet my deadline. (Not to mention that I hope I can manage to find enough to write about this pretty dull piece.)

Secondly, in my attempt to not think about this picture I've done a pile of sketches and... I'll try to scan some of it as soon as I've finished writing the essay.

Now... the big news of this week: I'VE GOT A NEW FLAT! ^_^ It's a pretty nice one, not huge (42.6 square metres) but for a single person it's a pleasant enough flat. 2 rooms, kitchen and bathroom (with a bath). It's got a balcony and is in a pretty nice area surrounded by woodland with a lake and a pond close by. There's also a gym/pool nearby so going swimming won't be such a hassle anymore.
I'll be moving into it in mid June. *excited*
Holidays are coming up. (Though I'll have to spend a large chunk of it working orcourse.) Yay! Öland, probably another trip to Italy and (hopefully, so long as I can afford it) a trip over to England.

This has put me in a pretty good mood. Now, if I could just find someone interesting/pretty to sketch/paint as well I'll be thoroughly pleased.


Posted by: princess mark (fluffymark)
Posted at: May 23rd, 2008 11:44 pm (UTC)

YAY new flat! :) :)

This is very good. I should come over there, see your new flat, and you can paint me.

This is all good! :)

Looking forward to seeing your scanned sketches. :)

Posted by: yvesilena (yvesilena)
Posted at: May 25th, 2008 07:38 pm (UTC)

Yay flat! Congratulations, and hope you can make it to England :)

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